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What We're Reading

What We're Reading

Book stores in many places have gone out of business. However, people still read, but they do so online. Many are asking whether reading in front of a screen is the same thing than reading online.

According to a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom, people are more likely to read websites rather than an actual, physical book.The study has asked 10 000 people from all over the United Kingdom about their reading habits.

More than 70% have stated that they read content in websites and e-mail messages at least once a month.This is not really much of a surprise, considering the fact that the internet has enjoyed widespread acceptance in the United Kingdom and in many other countries of the world.When it comes to books, only 47% of respondents have stated that they read a book in the past month.

Non-fiction books, such as college textbooks and cooking books, still seem to be more popular, with 51% of respondents saying that they have read one during the past month.

This doesn't mean that people are abandoning fiction books and Romance Books are still popular among their fans.There are some people who are worried about this, as readership of books is clearly going down.However, according to certain experts, this isn't necessarily negative.

In the case of newspapers, people still keep up to date with the news, but they increasingly do so online.This is mainly out of convenience, as accessing a website is simpler than going through a newspaper and finding the news you want to read.Furthermore, the internet makes it much easier than a newspaper to find related content and stories.

For example, when reading an online article about an upcoming election, the reader can easily go on to click on another link to see political commentaries and editorials without having to fumble through several pages of a newspaper.

The availability of electronic books has also made available millions of literary works, some more mainstream, while others targeted to specific audiences like erotic books.All of these books can be purchased online and read on a computer or mobile device.

There are many websites whose sole purpose is the sale of electronic editions of books. According to Craig Miller, an online marketing expert who has helped promote hundreds of different electronic books, people are still very much interested in reading; its just the format of the books that are changing from paper to electronic. He went on to say that if book publishing houses and authors want their works to get read by people, they need to promote them on the internet, as it has increasingly become the place where people find and buy reading material.

If people simply didn't want to read anymore, online bookstores would not be in existence today.