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It's Spring Cleaning Time!

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring cleaning is very important annual project. Cleanliness of our home during the year depends on proper spring cleaning. Unfortunately sometimes this project seems too big and hard to accomplish, especially if you are working full time job. Many people quit just because they don't know how to organize it.

I have done the same thing few years ago but it's not worth it because sooner or later you'll face the problem again. This is why I made this list of tips, that personally helped me handle spring cleaning.

Make a Detailed Plan

When you have to clean everything everywhere thoroughly it seems like task beyond your strength. Never start any big project before you consider step-by-step plan for completing it. Here is what I do. First I start with tidying up. I go in every room and collect things that don't belong there and put them away. I also store seasonal clothing, thick blankets and bed covering and winter shoes and boots. The more orderly your home is the easier will be to clean it. Maintaining after the spring cleaning should also be easier if you keep your home in good order.

When your house is tidy it comes time for the actual cleaning. I strongly advise you to follow the old golden rule – cleaning from top to bottom. This will make the whole process way more effective. Start wiping and dusting from the highest parts of your home – chandeliers, ceiling fans and surfaces. Continue with book shelves, cabinets and other furniture. Leave vacuuming and cleaning of floors and carpets for the end.

Distribute Tasks

If you are working during the week it probably will be hard for you to do the whole spring cleaning at just two days in the weekend. You can help yourself by doing some of the tasks during the week. For example you can spare one or two hours after work to put away seasonal clothing. Tidying up different areas in your home can also be done in few evenings before spring cleaning weekend.

Be Realistic About the Things You Can Do

There's no need to do everything by yourself, especially if you are very busy. Putting your home in order, laundry and storing winter sport equipment are tasks that you should do by yourself. Putting everything away is definitely your job and will ease you when you need them next season. But there are some things that will cost you too much time and effort, and there is possibility that you won't be able to deal with them properly. If you're planning small renovations, re-painting, fixing the roof, or just carpet and upholstery cleaning the best thing you can do is to hire professionals to do the job for you. Some times this can actually save not only your time but also some money. Ask your friends or neighbours about proper local services.